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PixelHives, a digital transformation company dedicated to enhance digital presence and experience of our customers.

Achieve operational resilience

Achieving operational resilience proactively through holistic approach involving Architecture, Standardization, Automation, Testing,and proactive monitoring.

Growth Partners

PixelHives believes in the power of creativity, collaboration, and attention to detail. We can help you refresh your digital presence using our expertise and experience to deliver customized solutions.

Our Services

Digital Transformation Services

Modernize and improve business opportunities and optimize organizations operations through the adoption of digital technologies.

Cloud Consulting

We partner with clients to move their applications and data to the cloud, leveraging platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to improve scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

We help clients collect, analyze, and interpret data to gain insights into their business and make informed decisions. Our experience in developing custom dashboards and reports,leveraging machine learning and AI tools helps effective transformation.

Reliable Testing Services

Testing services are a critical component of the software development life cycle and PixelHives can help organizations to deliver high-quality software applications or systems that meet the needs of their customers and stakeholders. We support Manual Testing, Automation, Performance testing services.

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Engagement Models for Customer Success

  • Budget Control
  • Low Risk
  • Defined Scope
  • Known Deadlines
  • Fixed Price Model

    We propose a fixed price model for well-defined projects with a clear scope and requirements. It is a good choice when the client has a fixed budget and timeline and wants to limit the risks associated with the project's cost and delivery.

  • Member
    • High Level of Control
    • Flexibility
    • Expertise
  • Dedicated Team Model

    Our client hires a dedicated team of developers who work exclusively on the project. The team is managed by the client, who has full control over the project's progress. This model is suitable for long-term projects where the scope is not well-defined and requires ongoing development.A pricing model is simple and directly linked to the dedicated team’s size and hourly rates of each specialist involved.

  • Member
    • Cost Effective
    • Flexibility
    • High Quality
  • Time and Resource Model

    We propose a time and resource-based model for projects with a more fluid scope or requirements, where the client needs flexibility to make changes during the development process. It is also a good choice when the client values quality and is willing to pay for the time and resources required to achieve it.

  • Member
    • Cost Effective
    • Long Term
    • Access to Global Talent
  • Offshore Development Center Model

    We propose an Offshore Development Center model for projects that require ongoing development work and where cost savings are a priority. It is also a good choice for clients who need access to global talent and are willing to invest in communication and quality control processes to ensure successful project delivery.

  • Our Values

    Power of creativity

    PixelHives values power of creativity as crucial for IT services.It enables us to innovate, solve complex problems, design engaging user experiences, gain a competitive advantage, and adapt to changing circumstances.


    Collaboration is integral part of our IT services as it enables cross-functional teamwork, shared expertise, improved communication, agile development, and innovation.

    Attention to Details

    Attention to detail is core to IT services as it ensures accuracy, quality, compliance, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. By paying close attention to every aspect of a project, we have delivered better results and avoid costly errors.

    Diversity And Inclusive Enviornment

    We are proud to be truly dynamic and inclusive and recognize the value of diversity and strives to create an inclusive workplace culture. This involves actively seeking out and valuing diverse perspectives and experiences, and promoting a culture of respect and inclusivity.

    Trust and transparency

    Trust and transparency are essential for building strong relationships and fostering a positive workplace culture at PixelHives. At PixelHives trust, transparency, accountability, clear expectations, and respect are essential for creating a collaborative and productive work environment.

    Shared commitment to excellence

    PixelHives defines common set of values, mutual accountability, a mindset of continuous improvement, collaboration, and a focus on the customer are key to excellence.

    Our Perspective

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    The future of DevOps is likely to be characterized by continued innovation and evolution as teams seek to improve the speed, quality, and reliability of software development and deployment...

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    Empowering product team to think strategically is critical to building more impactful and efficient solutions. It’s helpful to break strategy down to more manageble level.You can ask focussed questions to enable product team to make better choices and level up their approach to product development.

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    At the core of UX design is human-centered. While technology helps automate tasks and make processes more efficient, it cannot replace the human element of design. UX designers understand the needs and behaviors of users and can create interfaces that meet those needs. ....


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